About me


My name is Tom Kalosi. I am a freelance photographer.

I was born in Budapest in 1986. From childhood I have been fascinated by visual arts. I loved drawing. And this is the reason why my studies were connected with drawing. However, creating technical drawings felt too stern and inflexible to me. I recognized this during collage. In that time, I started taking photos just as a new hobby. This happened around 2005 when we bought our first digital camera.

My desire to work as a photographer gradually intensified and I bought my first serious DSLR camera in 2010. At that time I was working as a photography host promoter. This gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of professional photographers and I was able to attend several trainings about photography. Both of these helped me a lot in my carrier.

In 2012 I started to work as a freelance photographer, but I still found it primarily important to keep learning and develop my skills further and I learned extensively from colleagues, experts, online and offline courses.

From 2014, I worked as an assistant-student of Doron Ritter. He is a advertisement, fashion photographer, and DOP. He is acknowledged in Hungary and  internationally. With Doron I had the opportunity to participate in a vast number of professional jobs where I could learn a lot from him. These were mostly advertisement and fashion photo shootings.

During my years as a freelance photographer, I had many excellent independent photography jobs, including business conference and other event photography, weddings, portraits and advertisements. I  have worked for several international customers including HBO, Lego, IBM, Allianz, Decathlon.

I still find professional development one of my primary goals and that is the reason why I moved to Germany to Cologne with my girlfriend in January 2018 to look for new challages.

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